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3Q company update

By Jason Wolfe | Published October 24,2011 | Google+

We held the 3Q company wide update today.  I wanted to keep it as short as possible, so it lasted 1.5 hours compared to 3 hours in the past.  We kept it to the executive team.  Overall, it went well – the key message common message was the character of our team….  A few years ago, I spoke about the idea of being a thermometer (adjusting yourself to a temperature), or a thermostat (setting the temperature).  We had a tough time in 2008/2009 and we had many of the team change and step up, some didn’t, and are no longer with us – but many did.    In early 2011 we spoke about the Rabbit and Hare – and team work.  We are there.  This time we talked about Character and doing things right the First time.  I am looking forward to seeing how the team reacts in the coming months.  I am thankful for the entire team…and thankful for an executive team that supports what my vision is for us.  I’d not be surprised if we are able to grow by 200% in 2012.