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8 Random Ideas for Valentine’s Day

By Industry Insider | Published February 5, 2014
Eight suggestions to delight (or at the very least surprise) your partner on Valentine's Day.

A Tale of Three Gift Cards

By Industry Insider | Published November 18, 2013
In my previous article, I shared a story about receiving a couple of gift cards from various retailers, and a [more]

Must Be Present To Win

By Industry Insider | Published November 13, 2013
Have you ever entered a contest or raffle where the organizers made it clear that “you must be present to [more]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words …

By Industry Insider | Published September 19, 2013
A picture is worth a thousand words… Or sometimes just 3: “I remember that!”, “I love you,” or even “What [more]

How Retailer Gift Cards Stack Up to Prepaid Gift Cards

By Industry Insider | Published August 27, 2013
With the holiday season just a few months away, people will soon be buying gift cards in droves. Since there [more]

Password Protection: Don’t spread the word

By Industry Insider | Published June 13, 2013
One of the inconveniences of modern life that impacts Systems Administration heavily is the thorny issue of authentication and, in [more]

Prepaid Cards…a Merchant’s Friend, not a Foe!

By Industry Insider | Published February 13, 2013
I was speaking to a small business owner last week and they told me that they don’t like it when [more]

Gift Cards…Making Memories

By Industry Insider | Published January 3, 2013
We just ended another Holiday Season, a time spent with family and friends and a time making memories. Our times [more]

The Formula for Small Business Growth!

By Industry Insider | Published December 6, 2012
There are probably a 1,000 books on how to succeed at business. Each author has her or his own take [more]

Gift Cards are More Than Just a Convenience

By Industry Insider | Published October 26, 2012
Over the past 3 weeks I have visited over 20 local businesses to hear about their approaches to get more [more]
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