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Jason Wolfe


Jason Wolfe is an online visionary, entrepreneur, and businessman. Jason created in 1995, the first online coupon site. In 1997, he started, one of the first online lead generation networks. In 1999, he developed, now called, as a leading online gift card service. In 2002, Jason launched which became the world’s #1 affiliate tracking and ad serving system. In 2003, he introduced, which became one of the world leaders in keyword bid management. In 2004, his company created and patented the Cross Publication and Network model.

Jason was able to raise venture capital from Jupiter Media (NASDAQ: JUPM) in 1999, and an expansion investment from the State of North Dakota in 2002. He successfully sold to Valassis (NASDAQ: VCI) in 2000 and sold Direct Response Technologies to Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV) in 2006.

Jason owns, LLC as his holding firm that owns in whole, or in part, 7 ventures at various stages. (estb 1995), (estb 1999), (estb 2003), Jambo Media (estb 2006), OmniPrepaid (estb 2007), (estb 2009), and (estb 2010). All businesses are profitable and growing. Jason attends and supports Orchard Hill Church of Wexford, PA. Jason has a son, Morris James Wolfe, and they live in Sewickley, PA.

8 Steps to Hiring Happy Employees

By Jason Wolfe | Published April 11, 2014
From the CEO Of, 8 steps to hiring happy employees that will help your organization thrive.

What the Crystal Ball Says About Gift Card Trends

By Jason Wolfe | Published December 11, 2013
Online traffic for ‘gift card’ related terms continues to go up this year over last year. As you can see [more]

The Evolution of

By Jason Wolfe | Published July 15, 2013
For a decade now, we have been continually building and improving As I look back at where we started, [more]

Learning About Information Protection the Hard Way

By Jason Wolfe | Published March 19, 2013
In 1995 I created the Internet’s first coupon website. I spent months and months in the library (yes, back then [more]

Milestones and Moments last 3 years

By Jason Wolfe | Published January 29, 2013
At we try hard to set goals, and reach them. Sometimes the goals get moved (Google doesn’t tell us [more]

Heading into the Autumn

By Jason Wolfe | Published December 11, 2012
Much of your youth and young adulthood is spent planting, watering, and weeding your garden. You are looking forward. You [more]

A lot of business activity currently around Gift Cards sector

By Jason Wolfe | Published October 3, 2012
Seems just a year or two ago the big ‘new thing’ was Groupon, and Living Social. Although online couponing started, [more]

Protecting Your Identity

By Jason Wolfe | Published August 16, 2012
Identity theft affects millions of families and costs billions of dollars in losses each year.  Consumers need to be aware [more]

Teaching Teens About Money

By Jason Wolfe | Published July 13, 2012
If you are like most parents, you want to make sure your son or daughter starts off their adult life [more]

Secondary Gift Card Market: Facts & Reasons to Allow This Market to Happen

By Jason Wolfe | Published June 26, 2012
I got interested in the Secondary Gift Card market in 2003 after reading about when they first launched.  The [more]
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