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Ryan Dew

Business Analyst

Ryan Dew has been a part of the team since April 2011. As an Analyst at he has worked as a Team Leader for virtually all product releases over the past year. Ryan’s posts will primarily be focused on product related information to help inform consumers on the exciting product line. In addition to posts on our product suite, Ryan will be writing on topics such as Agile Project Management.

Prior to joining the team Ryan was Vice President of Business Technology for a leading Banking software provider. His primary focus was on developing new products and enhancing existing systems. Ryan attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he is not working his interests are traveling, watching/playing sports and scouring the internet for new online t-shirt retailers (sort of his obsession).

Growing Up with

By Ryan Dew | Published October 15, 2013
I joined in April of 2011. During my search for employment, the company intrigued me for the following reasons: [more] Gets Grilled! – Ryan Dew

By Ryan Dew | Published June 26, 2013
The Most Important Factor in the Success of a Project   Who’s on the grill today? Ryan Dew, Project/Product Manager [more]

PicPaid Artist Program

By Ryan Dew | Published August 16, 2012
Want some extra cash? Take advantage of the PicPaid Artist program Ever wonder where all of those awesome gift [more]

Agile Software Development

By Ryan Dew | Published July 31, 2012
Agile Software Development, an Overview… Agile software development is a method that has been around in some form since the [more]

Group Gift

By Ryan Dew | Published July 2, 2012
Group Gifts, what they are and how they can be used Nearly everyone has taken part in contributing to a [more]
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