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Shelley Hunter

Gift Card Girlfriend

Shelley Hunter, also known as, “Gift Card Girlfriend, is the founder of She initially created the website to share her signature style of turning any gift card into a thoughtful gift. Along the way, she realized that consumers wanted more help than that—they want insight on ways to avoid gift card pitfalls such as fraud, fees, and the nagging feeling that a gift card will be construed as a thoughtless gift. Using her signature approach, “6 Steps to Better Gift Card Giving”, consumers can enjoy the benefits of gift cards without the worry. A former IT professional in financial services, Shelley loves to give (and receive!) gift cards.

Why Employee Gift Cards are Better than Sunglasses

By Shelley Hunter | Published February 12, 2014
Ever received an employee reward that turned out to be a moral-buster instead of a morale-booster? Great suggestions for employee gift cards that work every time.

How to Make Personalized Gift Cards Even Better

By Shelley Hunter | Published December 3, 2013
Last weekend, my son’s football team gathered for their end-of-season team party.  After the head coach presented each boy with [more]

Another Secret to Saving with Discount Gift Cards

By Shelley Hunter | Published August 19, 2013
Like many frugal shoppers, I am a fan of discount gift cards. Though gift cards originated as a better alternative [more] Gets Grilled! Why Gift Cards are Better than Coupons

By Shelley Hunter | Published July 24, 2013
Gift Card Girlfriend talks to CRO to discuss why a filtered open-loop gift card is better for small businesses is better than a coupon program. Gets Grilled! – Coming Clean on Gift Card Fees

By Shelley Hunter | Published April 4, 2013
Who’s on the grill today? Doug Blasiman, Chief Financial Officer of Although we love the convenience and flexibility of [more]
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