Cash For Gift Cards

Cash for Gift CardsDon’t let your unwanted gift cards go to waste

  • Get up to 92% of your gift card value back
  • Get paid instantly through PayPal or MoneyGram
  • Most cards can be cashed out electronically so you don’t have to mail it

Every year billions of dollars in gift cards goes unused. Most people have at least one card in their purse, wallet, or lying around at home that will not be used anytime soon. Rather than risk losing that card or forcing yourself to shop at a merchant that you may not be interested in, why not get cash for it now and spend that extra money on something you really want? and our sister company makes it easy for you to get cash for your unwanted gift cards. You can mail us in your card, submit it electronically, or go to one of our 1,000+ retail partners nationwide to cash in now.

All of our systems & processes are patent pending.