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Celebrity Cruises Gift Cards

Card Support for Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises gift cards do not expire. Gift cards cannot be used to settle outstanding onboard charges, but can be used for book a new cruise vacation.

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Lost Celebrity Cruises Gift Cards

Treat your Celebrity Cruises gift card as you would money.

About Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line featuring fine dining. signature lounges, bars, spas, gyms, pools, fun, and relation. All Celebrity Cruises' ships begin with "Celebrity" and currently offers vacations on four Solstice-class ships, as well as many others. Whether you are lounging on the deck, enjoying dinner in the dining room, sipping on a drink at the bar, or relaxing in your stateroom, or getting a facial at the spa, Celebrity Cruises gift cards will allow you to book the vacation of your dreams.