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Cya SunGuard….

By Jason Wolfe | Published July 28,2011 | Google+

So….I’m getting old.  In 2001, when I was just building Direct Response Technologies, Inc. up as a Third Party tracking solution ( we decided to move our servers from Exodus in Sterling Virginia to inFlow (which later became SunGuard).  We were moving because Exodus was about to go belly up….so myself, my CTO at the time, and my EVP rented 2 mini vans and drove to Sterling getting there around midnight.  We had maybe $200,000 in machinery at the time, with no back up and no redundancy.  The machines powered our entire company.  So, we unplugged all of them and started loading them into our mini vans.  Our entire sites were down …. the calls started coming in ‘why are we down’ from customers.  To boot it was raining.  The guard at the place wasnt going to let me leave, I talked to one of SunGuards VP who was half asleep talking to me from her bedroom on the phone and she didnt know what was happening, but they set us free – we drove 100mph home to Pittsburgh….mind you no back up and no redundancy….the entire company value in the back of 2 mini vans (later of which I sold for $21m, so we rode that night with no back up and no redundancy in the rain 100mph with that kind of value sitting in the back seats) got to inFlow at 5am, plugged everything in and we were back up at around 7am. 

So….today, July 28, 2011 (about 10 years later) I was again at inFlow(SunGuard).  This time to unplug all our machines once more, as we moved everything to Rackspace and we no longer manage our own servers.  Here is the last picture as we depart SunGuard with my Admin Team – Kyle, Mike and Scott….(yes they are that tall..I’m 6’0)

Cya SunGuard – its been a ride…literally!


wolfe leaves sun guard