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Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Event .. we won :)

By Jason Wolfe | Published June 13,2011 | Google+

Wow … I went Friday night, for the gala and all.  Probably 700 people there, or so.  Bigger event than I thought it would be.  Most people wore Tux.  I took Lisa, Doug and Bev.  Kept it low key, because I didnt think I’d win and didnt want to be embarrassed bringing a big crew (some people had brought probably 20! alot of claps for them). We were in the corner way in the back, by the bar.  So, in my mind we didnt win.  There is no way they would put a winner in the back corner table near the bar.  I didnt have a speech, and the beers were flowing nice as I figured we were just going to eat and then slip out the side door.  As the night progressed, I started to get a little worried…instead of one winner – there were category winners (like 5 or 6 or so categories).  I then started thinking, maybe..just maybe … we can win our category.  I stopped drinking beer, started sucking down water and took out the iphone and started to write up talking points…my battery was almost dead though.  The night continued.  Up comes eCommerce – there is my mug up there on the screen.  I’m waiting for the other finalists to show up – but there was none!  Then all of a sudden the spot light flash over on me (or it seemed like they were on me .. lol)  I looked down at my iphone for my talking points, and the phone was dead….I then walked up to the stage and winged it.  Surreal for sure!  But what an event – what an honor.  Thanks to all who support me, and my employees as this is OUR win, not my win.  And special thanks to my 6 year old son Morris who told me before I left for the event:  “Dad, be confident, you will win” 

Now, we are off to Palm Desert CA for the National Event – where Jay Leno is the host. 

EY did a great job!

Jason Wolfe - EY winner 2011

Jason Wolfe - EY winner 2011