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Family Picnic

Friday, July 20th was the annual Family Picnic. We held the event at Jason’s house again this year. The weather all day long was overcast and raining. We struggled with the decision whether to postpone the event or proceed as planned. Our employees were so excited for the event we decided to go as planned. Believe or not, we didn’t even get a drop of rain the whole time. Families enjoyed the great food and drinks along with the many activities including a bounce house, horse shoes, basketball, music, a dunk tank, and a water slide. Most of our families were able to make the event and everyone had fun. The weather held out and we had a great time bonding as a team and giving a chance for our families to enjoy our fellow employees and their families. What a great event each year as this company is all about family, and there is no better way to celebrate then our annual Family Picnic. Look forward to next year!