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First Impressions

I was honored to join the “Wolfe pack”‘ just two short weeks ago. This dynamic team and their city, have made quite an impression on both myself and my family.

As a whole, the Wolfe Pack is energized, driven, focused and innovative! The bar has been set very high by Omni Prepaid, LLC’s Founder and CEO, Jason Wolfe, and percolates down through the entire organization. Inter-department collaboration is very strong based on mutual respect and the common overall goal of enterprise success. Wolfe is currently experiencing tremendous growth. Thus, we are in the process of ensuring that we build a strong foundation to support such growth.

While all at Wolfe work very hard each day, they clearly also have a lot of fun. The employees at Wolfe have a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit and “edge” to them that I hope is never lost. They know that they are part of something very special and you can see it on their faces and in their interactions each and every day. Each day is both challenging and exciting as I continue to learn more about the organization, employees and the diverse business units.

Pittsburgh is more than I expected offering a plethora of activities for my family and I. The cost of living is very reasonable and the schools are amongst the best in the nation. My two boys (9 and 13 years old) are very excited about their new schools and the Pittsburgh area in general. So far, the summer weather has been very pleasant.

If you like to eat like I do, Pittsburgh is your town, offering an incredible variety of dining options including one-off restaurants and national chains. Finally, Pittsburgh has fantastic professional sports teams. I am really looking forward to taking in a Steelers’ game with my two sons!