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Flynn to Win

By Jason Wolfe | Published March 16,2011 | Google+

Team – I am thinking we need a yearly award given to the person that goes above and beyond, and acts a little crazy to succeed -per my email a month or so ago about being a little crazy.   

Background:  MyCoupons dropped from 44,000 visitors per day to 28,000.  Something happened after the recent Google algorithm change.  We tried emailing, calling anyone and everyone at Google – little or no reply, and definitely no answers.  So, Kevin and Grant flew to Austin to meet with the main guy in charge of all of Google’s search spam issues – Matt Cutts.  I imagine there were thousands and thousands of people there.  Matt is probably hounded by 100,000+ people for his influence.  Flynn was determined to meet Matt. 

I gave, in my mind, Kevin a 1 in 50 chance of actually meeting him….there are thousands of people at SouthXSouthWest.    I was wrong… 

Kevin met with Matt – and discussed our issues –, oldest site online for coupons – yet when you search for ‘coupons’ in Google we cant be found.  We have 300,000 in bound links, etc.  Matt gave Kevin some good information and help. 

But the bottom line – Kevin Flynn goes above and beyond, and we are very luck to have him work for – thanks Kevin


Kevin Flynn and Matt Cutts - Google SxSW