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8 Random Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
SEO is complicated,
But gift cards are not.


Ah, love is in the air. The month of January is over, and, before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be upon us faster than the next Congressional holiday break. Obviously here at, we believe that we have products and services ideal for your loved ones when the 14th comes around, but we have broader horizons too. With that in mind, below are eight suggestions to delight (or at the very least surprise) your partner.

For Her

  1. Discount gift cards make perfect gifts and mean you save money too. They show thoughtfulness on your behalf whilst still allowing your partner a choice in their gift, a perfect combination. We offer a good range at generous discounts on the site. How about Spa Finder for that pampered day out, or Bath and Body Works for an equally luxury experience at home?
  2. Victoria’s Secret discount cards. We’re all grownups here. No snickering at the back.
  3. GET OFF THE DAMN COUCH AND DO SOME CHORES OR LAUNDRY. You’ve been on there since training camp in July. And if you must watch the Pro-Bowl, why not fly to Hawaii to watch and take her with you?

For Him

  1. There are plenty of gifts for the man in your life on our site too. Of particular note, cards from Bass Pro or Golf Galaxy should get him off the couch long enough to call in the upholstery cleaners, and he’ll return refreshed and invigorated, maybe even enough to do some laundry or dishes.
  2. Victoria’s Secret discount cards. We’re all grownups here. Though stick to the code please, Gents, Thursdays only. Tuesdays are just not cool.
  3. Try saying “For today only, I don’t want you to only listen and understand, but instead offer up solutions to things I complain about. I will greet them all enthusiastically even though most of them are not constructive in the slightest.” Just be advised that one of the resolutions will probably involve flying to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

For Both of You

  1. Treat yourself to an evening together. There are great savings to be had on cards to fine restaurants such as Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or Fleming’s. Or share a romantic meal at home with exotic ingredients and fine wine from outlets like World Market. Or even take in a movie (no, not Die Hard XI, Lord of the Sofa) from AMC or Regal Theaters. Remember to check out sites like MyCoupons for additional discounts on activities to do together; they can usually be combined with your discounted card or code for even greater savings.
  2. Alternatively, share a memory together with matching, customized Create-a-Card gifts. Just make sure the image isn’t too romantic; Visa® and MasterCard® are careful about what they allow on cards carrying their name!

~~ Mike Allcock, former Systems Administrator for

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