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Recipe For A Successful Take Your Child To Work Day


Blue and orange finger-paint, waffles, juice boxes, G-shaped cookies, sprinkles (mostly on the floor), homemade flower-pots…If you haven’t guessed yet, we are describing Take Your Child To Work Day at The big day has come and gone just as quick as a child can run down a hallway and back. (If you haven’t been around a three-year-old lately, we mean extremely fast.)

We know how energetic children are. With this, we did not expect them to sit at their parents’ desks all day. In order keep everyone busy, each department planned a different activity for the groups to partake in.  Below you will find our recipe for a memorable Take Your Kids to Work Day.

2 Cups Breakfast

First thing in the morning, we welcomed the children with juice boxes and waffles (yes, with syrup), to make sure they had adequate energy for the day’s activities. Once the kiddos finished eating, they were separated into age groups to start the day’s happenings.

1 Cup Writing on Walls

In their spare time (in between group rotations), the kids had the opportunity to experience every parent’s nightmare, drawing on white walls with markers. Don’t worry; they used dry-erase markers on our white-board-painted walls.

5 Cups Rainbow Sprinkles

The kids loved icing, decorating and eating their very own sugar cookies. Plus, our carpet is now multicolored, since it ended up being covered in more sprinkles than the cookies.

1 Teaspoon Flower Seeds

Each child had the opportunity to decorate their own planter before planting a seed inside. Googly eyes and crooked smiles will allow these flowers to grow wonderfully.

2 Teaspoons Brand Recognition

Our fraud team created an activity in which the children had to guess what was wrong with certain brand logos. This taught them the importance of branding and compliance to brand rules.

3 Tablespoons Paint

*Remember to mix this with 4 Tablespoons Baby Wipes (You will need MORE wipes than paint.)

Face it, kids enjoy anything hands-on and messy, which is why we decided to recreate our Smiling G logo using hand-prints. It took a lot of monitoring, mostly so no one would hand-print something other than the canvas – mom’s shirt, the carpet, the walls or other kids. Each child fully dipped their hands in either blue or orange paint to create a work-of-art.

1 Tablespoon Pantone® Flash Cards

Matching games can be both educational and fun, which is why our marketing department decided to do a Pantone® flash card matching game. The kids had a great time trying to match the colors while learning that each hue has its own unique number.

All of the children left the building both happy and tired by the time the activities subsided. Stories of children going home with smiles on their faces, yet “too tired to get out of the car,” as well as mentions of “Daddy, I need a nap,” were tell-tale signs that this year’s Take Your Child To Work Day ended up being just as successful as we had hoped.

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