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Thursday 1.02.2014

T’was the Week after Christmas…and Some Cash Would be Nice!

With 8 out of 10 shoppers purchasing gift cards for the holiday season, I wanted to give our readers a fun little verse to help clarify the flexibility of giving and receiving merchant gift cards.


“T’was the week after Christmas and all through the stores,

Shoppers with gift cards searched for bargains galore.


They rummaged and scurried with limited success,

To shop with the gift cards they’d received from Aunt Bess.


Traveling home, they exclaimed, “Some cash would be nice!”

I just got my bills, and I had to look twice.


GiftCards.com turns merchant gift cards to green

To help pay off credit cards or book vacations unseen.


Selling unwanted gift cards is just the beginning,

Buy discount merchant cards and you’ll keep on winning!”


We wish you a prosperous upcoming year in 2014.


 ~~ Pattie Dillon


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