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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids of All Ages

Since moms are often the ones helping kids make homemade presents for birthdays and holidays throughout the year, Mother’s Day can be challenging. How do you surprise mom without involving her in the crafts? Below are some DIY Mother’s Day gifts that kids of any age can make–without too much parental involvement. Of course, if you don’t want to pull out the glue stick or put paper in the printer, you can always check out the Mother’s Day gift cards.


To Mom from Preschoolers

Nothing melts mom’s heart faster than a handmade note written by pudgy, little fingers. Cut hearts out of construction paper and have little ones write (or draw) reasons they love mom on each heart. (Big kids can pitch in too!) Pile the love notes in a jar for mom and wrap a ribbon around it like this bottle of cuteness from elevencupcakes.

mason jar craft


To Mom from Grade School Kids

After a couple of years in elementary school, it’s a fair bet that your children know all about newspapers. Despite our online world, many teachers still have students write class gazettes or fill out “student of the week” newspaper pages. Put that good schooling to work for mom with this free “World’s Best Mom‘ newspaper printable from Martha Stewart.

newspaper gift for mom


To Mom from Middle Schoolers

With snotty responses from mouths filled with braces being the norm, middle school kids are hard to mother. Get Junior to deliver this printable Mother’s Day coupon book from Skip to My Lou to make up for all the times he didn’t wash the car when he was supposed to or give mom a hug after school.

coupon book for mom


To Mom from High School Kids

Is this a DIY Mother’s Day gift or a chemistry experiment? Maybe it’s a little of both. Using this Foaming Salt Scrub Recipe from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen, make mom a gift perfect for pampering. If you really want to give her a break, then come home before curfew, clean your room and get your shoes off the couch. Please.

homemade cream for mom


To Mom from College Kids.

If you’ve heard the saying, “A mother holds her children’s hands for a short while, but holds their hearts forever,” then you know why this DIY Mother’s Day gift is perfect coming from college-age kids. Though you may be miles and miles away, framed heart maps by Crafts by Amanda reminds her that you’re still close to her heart.

creative mother's day map

The ultimate last-minute gift for mom would be, not surprisingly, a gift card, and those are good coming from any age group. Whether you go with homemade gifts for mom or swing by the grocery store to grab a gift card on the way to her house, remember to write a personal note of gratitude for all she’s done for you. Us moms may not be perfect, but we sure love our children at every age.

Happy Gift Carding!

~ Gift Card Girlfriend

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