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Exceeding Customer Expectations

In the prepaid gift card and loyalty and reward industries, Customer Service Departments are often faced with unique challenges. Much of the time we are working to service customers that are actually standing at the checkout counter of their local grocers or department store and are having issues using their gift or loyalty and reward card.

At &, we take a great deal of pride in taking our customer’s needs seriously. It is imperative that empathy for the customer’s situation be evident. The customer is often not only inconvenienced by issues with their prepaid card, they are often embarrassed and frustrated as well.

It is our job to make sure that we not only resolve any and all issues for our customers 100% of the time, but also that we educate them as to any future difficulties they may encounter and arm them with the information they need to properly use the product. Resolving a customer’s concerns is important, but equally as important is that it be done quickly.

To successfully achieve our goals of satisfying every customer we encounter, we have to make sure that our Customer Service Representatives are properly trained. We make sure that everyone that will answer the phone understands the product and truly understands how to best assist a customer. In addition, employees must be empowered to make decisions on the spot and given the tools and resources to ensure they are able to act on their decisions.  Each of our representatives is empowered to resolve a customer issues.

How confident are you that the Customer Service department you are about to call is truly going to proactively work to solve your problems completely, quickly and efficiently? If you are calling or, you should be brimming with confidence.

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