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Gift Cards…Making Memories

We just ended another Holiday Season, a time spent with family and friends and a time making memories. Our times together with loved ones, special gifts given and received, or simply a meal shared bring experiences that we will remember for years or even a life time.

My wife loves to receive Gift Cards. She has commented that Gift Cards are always the right size and the right color! My daughters have finally listened to their mother and gave her Gift Cards this past Christmas and the reward they received was a HUGE smile on the face of their mother. Gift Cards make memories.

Of course there are alternatives, like giving cash or a check. But giving cash or a check is like pouring a glass of water into the ocean….you can’t distinguish the water from the ocean. Similarly cash goes into a wallet or a purse and gets lost among the other bills. A check goes into a checking account and melds into the drudgery of paying bills. However, a Gift Card is special, unique and memorable.

One of my daughters , who is out on her own, and is not making a lot of money is cutting expenses to ensure she can pay for the necessary parts of life: Rent, Food, Car, Gas and Insurance. She loves going to movies but this has been deemed a luxury at this point. So, for Christmas this year I gave her a Gift Card to a movie theater chain. The reward? A smile…and a comment: “I am going to go see a movie I have been wanting to see.” Again, a memory was made.

Memories come in all shapes and sizes…as do Gift Cards. At you can choose many different options of Gift Cards, from a universally accepted Gift Card, or a Gift Card that works at a Local Merchant or a Discounted Gift Card that works at popular brand name retailer. But whatever option you choose there is a common thread: All of them will make a memory that will last.

And as Barbara Streisand sang “Memories…light the corners of my mind.”

~~ Steve Dimmitt, Former CRO at

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