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Monday 3.18.2013

Interchangeable Gift Cards Offer Multiple Ways to Save

Interchangeable Gift Cards Offer Multiple Ways to Save

Most price-conscious clothing shoppers know that Old Navy is a subsidiary of Gap so you can get similar clothes to the higher-end store for less. Though run by the same parent company, each store has its own set of brands and locations. Merchandise at these stores is not interchangeable. In other words, you can’t buy a sweater at Old Navy and return it to Gap. In most respects, these stores operate independent of each other. But, there is good news for savvy gift card shoppers. Merchants, like the Gap, often offer interchangeable gift cards that are accepted across their family of stores.

Interchangeable Merchant Gift Cards

Unlike being stuck with a sweater from a store you don’t shop, gift cards are much more convenient. When interchangeable, you can select the products you want at the stores you prefer. For example, Old Navy gift cards can be used at Gap and vice versa. Gap gift cards can be used at Banana Republic, and vice versa. Essentially, if you have a gift card to one of the stores owned by Gap, you can use it at any of the other stores owned by Gap. This gives customers a tremendous amount of flexibility in using gift cards received.

It also creates opportunities for savvy discount gift card shoppers to get creative in finding discount gift cards for the stores they like to visit.

How Can I SAVE with Interchangeable Gift Cards?

For shoppers who are hip to saving money with discount gift cards, knowing what merchant cards are interchangeable broadens the accessibility of inventory. Here are just a few examples:

  • Grocer: Can’t find a Krogers gift card? Buy one to a sister store such as Fred Meyers, Ralphs, Frys, or Food for Less. Then do your shopping at Krogers using the interchangeable card.
  • Apparel: When a Kmart gift card can’t be found, try a discounted Sears gift card or Land’s End gift card. Redeem those gift cards for savings at Kmart.
  • Restaurants: A lobster dinner is in your future but a discounted Red Lobster Card isn’t? Use an Olive Garden, Capital Grill, Darden Restaurant, Longhorn Steak Restaurant or a Bahama Breeze gift card instead.
  • Housewares: Gearing up for some spring sprucing? When you can’t find the discount Williams-Sonoma gift card you crave, buy a discount Pottery Barn gift card instead. Freshen up your home décor for a little less.

Identifying Interchangeable Gift Cards

The easiest way to find out if you have an interchangeable gift card is to flip the card over and read the back or check the issuing store’s website. Interchangeable gift cards sold at GiftCards.com will always be identified as such. For example, on our Lands’ End discount gift card page, you’ll see where it says, “Lands’ End, a subsidiary of Sears, is a clothing retailer of casual apparel for men, women, and children. These cards may also be used at Sears and Kmart.”

As savvy shoppers become increasingly aware of the opportunity to save with discount gift cards, knowing which cards are interchangeable can increase flexibility and decrease wait times. Rather than waiting for a single store’s discount gift card to be available, a variety of gift cards can be substituted for the same end result. And that’s definitely good news.


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