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Tuesday 10.16.2012

The Power of Creation

Having recently joined the team at GiftCards.com I am asked frequently what it is we do? Why shop at giftcards.com? Why us versus someone else? As I thought about these questions I found myself looking at our logo and seeing the answer. We create smiles! The ‘G’ is smiling as a result of the joy we bring to each and every recipient of one of these gifts.

At its core, our products are a financial instrument that provides security and can facilitate cost control measures and other features. They may be distributed to consumers, employees, or members of a loyalty program. They can be used as a reward, a promotion, or to incentify behavior. And our prepaid cards are gaining popularity across all demographics.

The body of the card however, can and should be as unique as each of us. A creation, in and of itself, that results in a keepsake NOT another faceless occupier of space in your wallet. Historically, each holiday season I have purchased airline gift cards for family members so they can visit. And each year I spend a ridiculous amount of time at the faceless endcap trying to determine how many cards and what value of each I need. What I should have done is went to giftcards.com from the comfort of my home and created my own card with the exact value wanted. At giftcards.com I can uploaded an image of our daughter, our dogs, or the pool to entice them further to book their flight.

I shared this with my mother in law so she could clearly understand what it is we do. When I saw the tear start to roll down her cheek as she started to smile just thinking about the possibility of such a gift I again thought of our logo, the smiling ‘G’.


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