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It’s a Good Thing When Your Gift Card Makes People Cry

Although our company tagline is “make ‘em smile : ),” I recently discovered that our gift cards can also make people cry.  Family friends of ours are expecting a baby and we wanted to surprise them with a gift. Although we looked at the couple’s “new baby registry,” we didn’t find anything exciting to buy. So my wife and I decided to give them a personalized new baby gift card instead.

To make the gift card, we used images the soon-to-be parents had posted on Facebook. We put the sonogram picture on the gift card itself and a photo of the recently finished nursery on the customized greeting card—so you would see the nursery on the outside and open the card to find the baby inside. Pretty proud of our creativity, we thought the gift card turned out quite nice. However, this simple gesture turned into a moment neither of us would ever forget.

The Tears that Flowed

New Baby gift cardUpon receiving the gift card, our friends called to thank us; but they were literally so overwhelmed with emotions that they couldn’t talk. In fact, they had to hang up. Thirty minutes later and slightly more composed, they called us back to express their heartfelt gratitude.

Like most of you, I have given countless gifts over the years. But never has a gift I’ve given touched anyone so deeply. This is a gifting experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

The Changes We Made

Thanks to this experience, I am confident that the personalization and impact our products provide is a job well done. I may be biased, but I think our products are the best!  But we don’t rest on our laurels around here at; we listen to our customers and your voices are loud and clear!  You want more and we agree.  Taking your advice, we spent a considerable amount of time over the summer re-engineering our greeting cards and envelopes. We changed the greeting cards for all of our products (group gift, consumer gift cards, and corporate gift cards) to portrait orientation versus landscape.  We also added numerous customization options such as a choice of font, font color, and positioning (for group gift) to provide a better end-product.

new gift cards at

One item you cannot miss is our signature orange consumer envelope with our tag line on the back.

Other changes include converting our paper terms and conditions to electronic; this way they’re at your fingertips when needed, versus cluttering your gift.

The Smiles We Provide

Though taking on these changes during a critical time of year made for some extra hours in the office, we are very excited to be able to provide all of these enhancements in time for the holiday season. We are sure to make even MORE folks smile as a result!

As always, we look forward to your feedback as we continue our mission to make people smile and to provide a meaningful gifting experience—even if that means a few tears now and then.

 ~~ Jay Scannell

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