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Getting Healthy with the Health & Wellness Committee

They say health is the ultimate wealth, so what better way to make ‘em smile than to get ‘em healthy?

Employees at have decided to take their health into their own hands!

This May, the Employee Health & Wellness Committee was formed with the mission to inspire healthy eating, encourage regular doctor’s visits, focus on mental and emotional health, and to promote fitness and an overall healthful lifestyle of wellness.

The Committee sent out a preliminary survey to find out which specific areas employees wanted to focus on when it came to their health, and will tailor a calendar of events, services, group activities, and individual activities to the needs of the company as a whole, keeping in mind the individuals’ preferences.

From trips to the gym at lunch and company sports leagues, to brown bag sessions on healthy eating, exercise demonstrations, nutrition information, health messaging, health screenings, and more, employees will be able to gain health information as they work, making wellness a normal part of their day.

The inaugural Health & Wellness Event will be held on August 8th … and we can’t wait!