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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

The 10 Best Places to Find Gift Cards on Sale

There are a number of ways to buy gift cards for less. Why pay full price when finding a sale on gift cards is only a click away?How to Find a Sale on Gift Cards It used to be that gift cards  Read More »

Who Will Deliver in 2016? Best eGift Cards Overall

For the third year in a row, Gift Card Girlfriend reviews the egift card programs from top stores and restaurants.Share this Image On Your SiteBrought to you by Gift Card Girlfriend  Read More »

Best Gift Card BOGO Deals for the Holidays 2016

A list of all the "buy one, get one" BOGO gift card deals you'll find this holiday season. Buy a gift card, and get one for yourself.Sign up for G-Money Rewards and earn cash back on all of yo  Read More »

Which Reloadable Prepaid Card is Right for You?

What are they, why do people buy them, and which reloadable prepaid card is best?JUMP TO: Comparison Top Reloadable Prepaid CardsReloadable Prepaid Cards are NOT Gift Cards Before w  Read More »

Where Can Gift Cards be Sold for Cash?

A variety of gift card resellers will give you cash back for a gift card. Below are five places to look, both online and off.In a hurry? Make your own Visa┬« Gift Card in minutes.Why Sel  Read More »

Four Ways to Save on Visa® Gift Cards

How to find the best deal on Visa gift cards and, in some cases, how to cover the purchase price entirely.Do I Have to Pay the Activation Fee? I'm often asked if there is any way to buy a Visa   Read More »

How to Make Your Own Gift Cards in 4 Easy Steps

Make a totally unique gift card this holiday season in four simple steps. Tips on how to make your own plastic, paper and egift cards.For the 10th year in a row, gift card are the most-request  Read More »

Where are Visa Gift Cards Sold? (And Which is Best?)

Visa gift cards are widely available, but which ones are best and where should you buy them?Where are Visa gift cards sold? With gift cards widely available online, in third-party stores,  Read More »

Flexible Gift Cards You Can Use (just about) Anywhere

A list of gift cards recipients will be able to use (almost) anywhere--stores, restaurants, and even downtown businesses.Make Your Own Personalized Gift Card in minutes.One of the reasons   Read More »

The FASTEST Way to Get Cash for Gift Cards!

Coinstar Exchange is one of the fastest ways to get cash back for your gift cards. Here are step-by-step instructions on how it works.In a hurry? Download our Gift Card App to order NEW gift c  Read More »