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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Free Printable Burlap Bunny Easter Gift Card Holder

Saying "Some Bunny" loves you just got easier with this free printable Easter burlap bunny gift card holder."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend I dare you to look for Easter decorations o  Read More »

Free Printable “Hoppy Easter” Gift Card Holder

Wishing you a "Hoppy Easter" with this free printable Easter gift card holder."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend At first glance, you might not even see the Easter Bunny Visa┬« gift card  Read More »

Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist

When a company files Chapter 11, outstanding gift cards become just as vulnerable as the business itself. List of gift cards to keep an eye on in 2015.The Bankruptcy Gift Card ConundrumRecent   Read More »

Can You Wrap a Gift Card in a Balloon? Why Yes!

Along with other creative ways to present a gift card, I've always wondered if I could hide a gift card inside a balloon. The answer is Yes! Here's how."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend   Read More »

What To Do with Gift Card to Store in Bankruptcy

Quickly use gift cards to stores in financial trouble. If store goes into bankruptcy, courts will decide if (and for how long) gift cards will be credit: Shuttered Radio Shack Store   Read More »

How Visa Gift Cards Differ from Store Gift Cards [Infographic]

They're both called gift cards, but closed loop and open loop gift cards aren't the same. Find out what's different. In a recent blog post, I explained "why Visa┬« gift cards cost more than store or   Read More »

Free Gift Card Holder: Hope Your Birthday Rocks

Get your backstage pass ready for this free birthday gift card printable, designed to hold iTunes, Google Play, Visa or any music-themed gift card."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend i  Read More »

5 Free Valentine Gift Card Holders to Print at Home

Free printable Valentine gift card holders or money holders, plus ideas for making the presentation more personal.Yesterday, the mailman delivered three red envelopes to our mailbox. With Valent  Read More »

Easy Last-Minute Valentine Gift Cards in a Journal

Quick tutorial on how to tuck gift cards into a journal with homemade, heart-shaped paperclips and love notes all around."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend If you're in a pinch for a l  Read More »

Infographic: Surprising Data on Where People Spend Visa Gift Cards

Gift card transactions show customers using open loop gift cards for bill paying, credit checking, travel, shipping and loading money into eWallets.General-Use Gift Cards on the Rise Recent studi  Read More »