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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Where Can I Buy Printable Gift Cards?

Two ways to make your own gift cards: Print-on-Demand vs. Print-at-Home.In a hurry? Send an eGift Card in seconds!When gift cards first came out, you could only buy them from the issuing s  Read More »

Can I Overdraft a Visa Gift Card?

In most cases, you cannot overdraft a Visa gift card, but read these exceptions to find out for credit: LendingMemo via photopin ccMake Your Own Personalized Visa® Gift Card in  Read More »

How do I Schedule Delivery of an eGift Card?

Put your holidays on autopilot by ordering egift cards in advance from over 40 merchants that let you schedule delivery.Image Credit: Two Little Birds Press via EtsyIn a hurry? Send an eGift  Read More »

How Digital Gift Cards in Top Stores Stack Up

A ranking of the personalization features of over 200 eGift card programs from nationwide stores, restaurants and apps.Send your gift in seconds when you buy a Visa® eGift card or a Top Merch  Read More »

How Can Gift Cards be Used for Random Acts of Kindness?

Ideas on how to use gift cards to perform random acts of kindness. Got a gift card? Pay it forward.Image credit: Eli Christman via flickr ccSend an Impromptu eGift Card and Make Someone's   Read More »

What Gift Card Scams Can I Avoid this Holiday Season?

As the popularity of gift cards rise, so does the gift card fraud. Here are five gift card scams you can avoid.Skip the lines this season and send a secure eGift Card instead of plastic.  Read More »

How Do You Buy a GIFT with a Gift Card?

The key to buying a gift with a gift card is knowing where the card can be redeemed, how much is on the card and what you'll do with excess credit: Ben K Adams via photopin ccG  Read More »

What are the Best Gift Cards for Holiday Tipping?

Need an easy (cost-effective) way to tip your hairdresser or nanny this holiday season? Here's a list of best gift cards for holiday tipping.Image credit: isthisREALLYmylife? via photopin cc  Read More »

What’s the Best Way to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk?

If you want to buy gift cards in bulk for your business or a large group of friends or family members, consider these 4 options.Buy personalized or customized consumer gift cards in bulk with   Read More »

How Digital Wallets Can Work for Teens

Kids treating you like an ATM? Here's how using a digital wallet can save you money and save your relationship.Need a gift card for your teen? Download this Gift Card App and send an egift c  Read More »