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Eternal Youthification

“Too old to rock 'n' roll, too young to die.” This is how singer, songwriter, flute player and leader of the prog rock band Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, must have felt when he titled his 1976  Read More »

6 Simple DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make

Father's Day is on the third Sunday in June. However, you shouldn't wait until the third Saturday in June to figure out what you're getting for the dads in your life. Though, if you do wait too long,  Read More »

Can I Buy a Gift Card with a Brand or Gas Gift Card?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. A couple of weeks ago, I answered the generic version of this question--"Can you buy a gift card with a gift card?" The short  Read More »

10 Creative Father’s Day Gift Card Holders

With Father's Day right around the corner, you may be planning to buy dad a gift card. (At least, I hope you are!) If you need help figuring out which one to get, review my post on the 5 steps to  Read More »

How to Launch Your Company’s Social Media Profile

Image courtesy of When I joined as the Social Media Manager, we had about 5,000 Facebook fans, 3 Twitter profiles with only a handful of followers, 2 Pinterest  Read More »

Popular Gift Cards Reveal Your Shopping State of Mind

Have you ever wondered what the most popular gift cards are or who spends the most money on gift cards? At, we gathered data on our 2013 discount gift card sales to reveal your shopping  Read More »

Need A Unique Coach Gift? Signed Mat Board Is A Homerun!

We just wrapped up another wonderful Little League season. The coaches we had this year were literally an answer to my son's prayers, so I wanted to make an especially nice thank you coach gift for  Read More »

How Can I Get My Lost Gift Card Back?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. You forgot to treat that gift card like cash and now it's gone. Is it possible to get your lost gift card back? The short  Read More »

Social Fridays at

For, casual Friday not only means wearing jeans to the office, it means winding down the workweek. The day’s work will most likely be finished in six and a half hours instead of  Read More »

5 DIY Gift Card Holder Pairings To Create A Personal Touch

My most important tip on the list of how to make gift cards personal is to pair the gift card with a little something extra. I make this suggestion for three reasons. First, to make the process of  Read More »