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Gift Card Girlfriend Blog Archives

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Cards for New Moms

Ten of the best gift cards to buy for new moms on Mother's Day10 Best Mother's Day Gift Cards for New Moms I've been celebrating Mother's Day as a mom now for nearly 16 years. When the kids were   Read More »

How to Send a Video eGift Card to a Teenager

Easy ways to surprise your teenager with an egift card on his or her birthday.No time to run to the store? Send an eGift Card with a Video Greeting in seconds!I'm sitting at the Depart  Read More »

{Free Printable} Best Gift for Ballet Teacher…”Barre” None

When it comes to gifts for the ballet teacher or dance coach, this ballet gift card is on fleek!No time to get crafty? Send a Thank You gift from your phone. Download the Gift Card App to get st  Read More »

Which U.S. Gift Cards Can Be Used in Canada?

Got friends and family in other countries? Here is a list of gift cards that can be used across the border and overseas.Want to send a gift quickly? Download the Gift Card App and order a   Read More »

Do Visa Gift Cards Work Internationally?

While many gift cards are only redeemable in the United States, some cards can be used internationally. Find out which credit: PaddingtonX via photopin ccNeed a gift card in a hur  Read More »

{Free Printable} This Basketball Gift is a Slam Dunk

Easy Thank You Gift for the Basketball Coach, Team Parent, Cheerleaders and anybody else who supports the basketball team.No time to get crafty? Send a Thank You gift right from your phone. Down  Read More »

How to Buy (and SAVE on) Cabela’s Gift Cards

From online to in stores, all the ways to buy and save on Cabela's gift cards.Hunting for the perfect gift card? Use our Gift Card App to upload a photo and make your own.Hunting for Cabel  Read More »

{Free Printable} Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder: A Child’s Hand

A mother holds her child's hand for a short while, but holds their heart forever."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend This free printable Mother's Day gift card idea is based on the saying  Read More »

{Free Printable} Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder for Supermom!

Faster than a teenager's outburst! More powerful than a toddler on a sugar high. Able to make three lunches in under a minute. It's Supermom! And this is the gift she needs."Gifting Made Easy" by   Read More »

{Free Printable} Mother’s Day Gift Card for Grandma

The best thing about having you for a mom is that my kids get to have you for a Grandma. Happy Mother's Day to grandmothers everywhere."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend My grandmother  Read More »