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5 DIY Gift Card Holder Pairings To Create A Personal Touch
My most important tip on the list of how to make gift cards personal is to pair the gift card with a little something extra. I make this suggestion for three reasons. First, to make the process of opening a gift card measure up to the excitement of opening a traditional gift-presented in a box, filled with tissue and topped with curly ribbon. Second, to give the recipient immediate gratification. (Unless redeemed for something that can be electronically delivered--think iTunes--there is
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5 Steps to Picking the Perfect Gift Card Every Time

No need to worry that your gift card will end up in a sock drawer. Gift Card Girlfriend shares her 5 steps to picking the perfect gift card every time.

9 Ways to Make Gift Cards More Personal

Forget what you know about gift cards. Follow this checklist to add a personal touch to the gift cards you give.

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