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Where Can Gift Cards be Sold for Cash?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. Got a gift card you don’t want? Then sell it for cash online, at a mall kiosk, in some grocery stores or at select service centers. You won’t get the gift card’s full value back in cash, but getting some money in return is better than nothing—which is what you get when a gift card goes unused. Depending on where you sell the card and the demand for that particular brand card, the cash back offer can be anywhere from 60 to 92 percent. Payment options typically range from cash, a check in the mail, a gift card to a different store or a PayPal deposit. For a more detailed explanation on where to sell gift cards for cash, read below.Companies that buy gift cards typically turn around and sell the cards to other people at a slightly higher rate, but still below the face value. Since being the go-between in this gift card aftermarket can be fairly profitable, there are a number of places where gift   Read More »
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“Always a Home Game” Author Does More Than Cheer

I do not know how many readers of this blog remember “Independent George” of Seinfeld fame, but it is one of my favorite episodes. Good old George Costanza freaked out when his personal life and professional life “collided.” Me? Not so much. I welcome the opportunity to tell everyone I can  Read More »

I Inherited the Coupon Queen Gene and Saved!

“Who goes to Bed Bath & Beyond and doesn't use a coupon? Honestly!” Years ago, like many female teenagers, I craved new clothes and shoes. Brand-name shopping trips, however, were not frequent or feasible in my parents’ household. Unfortunately, that didn't stop me from trying to get  Read More »
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