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10 Wacky Gift Cards You’ll Have to See For Yourself

Recently, a reporter asked me to share a list of unusual gift cards available this holiday season. I responded with an array of creative-looking gift cards such as the Limited-Edition Sterling Silver Starbucks Card and the Pez Dispenser Target Gift Card. But that's not what she wanted. My list consisted of unusual-LOOKING gift cards that could be used to buy everyday items. She wanted a list of gift cards that could be used to buy unusual THINGS--regardless of what the gift cards themselves actually look like. Wish granted. Below are 10 wacky gift cards that you'll have to see for yourself.Bacon Freak I'm not making this up. If you have a bacon lover in your midst, then clearly a gift card to Bacon Freak is the way to go. With products like t-shirts that say "Bacon is meat candy," bacon jewelry and bacon-scented candles available, choosing just one thing to buy is "bacon-me" crazy. So get this wacky gift card instead.Hippie Shop For the peace-loving guy or gal in   Read More »

10 Stocking Stuffers You’ll Want to Open Before Christmas

Each year, we search for the perfect stocking stuffers to give to friends and loved ones. Instead of settling with a package of new socks, though they always come in handy, try to give unique gifts they’ll never forget (and won’t lose in the dryer – Where DO those missing socks go anyway?!).  Read More »

Gift Card Deals for the Holidays #GiftCardDeals

Updated 12/11/2014 With the 2014 Holiday Season officially underway, stores will be making it easier (and less expensive) to buy what is already the most-requested gift of the holiday season--gift cards. The best gift card deals are typically announced early in the month, might only last a day or  Read More »
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