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Not Another Toaster! Gift Cards are Perfect Housewarming Gifts!

I just learned a hard lesson in home ownership. I recently purchased my first home and quickly discovered that making a house a home requires much more than having a place to sit and watch TV and a table for dinner. While going through the flips and flops with the bank to get the sale approved, I began collecting things that I would need: plates, pots and pans, a sofa, laundry detergent and so on. I thought I had everything I needed, until I moved in. Boy is my house empty! Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting my housewarming party.Although my closest family members know what I’m in need of (Grandma has the vacuum covered!), many of my friends are unsure what housewarming gifts to get. Unlike a wedding or bridal shower, we don't register for housewarming gifts, so the risk of getting multiple unwanted gifts is big! When friends ask me what I could use, I always respond with “gift cards!” At first, many are taken aback by my request for something so non-specific and   Read More »
toaster for housewarming
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8 Must-have Summer Beach Gift Ideas

As a California girl, there is almost nothing I enjoy more during the summer than taking my kids to the beach. My girlfriends and I have a routine. We load up the minivans and SUVs with kids and coolers, drive to our favorite hot spot, park near the bathrooms and then march straight out to the  Read More »

10 Kickin’ Gift Ideas for Soccer Fans

Soccer (or “football,” if you live outside of the U.S.), compared to other sports, is a game that almost anyone can play in almost any circumstance. All you need is a ball and people who want to play. No expensive equipment, special courts, lift tickets or travel required. The game can be  Read More »
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