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Free Gift Card Printable: Extra Dough for the Holidays

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend One of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays is a "little extra dough." This "play on words" gift can simply be cookie dough, pizza dough or playdough delivered with a cute gift tag. I like to add a second form of dough, however, such as cash, a check or a gift card. While any gift card will do, I think it's more fun to make dough + dough combos, which add up to unique gifts.In a recent blog post, I share a list of creative "extra dough" gift combinations such as giving a restaurant gift card with cookie dough, a pizza gift card with pizza dough and so forth. I even created a Pinterest board dedicated to these dough-filled gift ideas--many of which make adorable holiday neighbor gifts. Still, I wanted more! So I asked our graphic artists to design a gift card and free printable that would make it even easier to give someone a little extra dough for the holidays. The step-by-step instructions are below.Order Gift Card and   Read More »

10 Awesome Gifts Every Burger Lover Needs

What is it about a juicy burger with extra cheese that makes our mouths water? Let’s face it, a great cheeseburger could make a foodie’s day. So, why not make their day by giving them a burger-inspired gift? Here are 10 unique gifts, perfect for the hamburger lover in your life. Read More »

Where Can I Buy Printable Gift Cards?

Two ways to make your own gift cards: Print-on-Demand vs. Print-at-Home. There are two types of what you might call "printable" gift cards. The first is a print-on-demand gift card that is a unique, custom-made plastic gift card printed professionally and shipped to the buyer or mailed directly to  Read More »
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