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Top Gift Cards for Men

Best Types of Gift Cards for Men + 10 Nationwide Gift Cards to Please the Man in Your Life! A male friend of mine once said, “If I have to return a gift, it’s dead to me.” From the long return lines to the uncomfortable moment of learning how much money the gift is worth, he loathes the process of returning merchandise. As a result, his closet is full of pants that don’t fit, sweaters he won’t wear, and gadgets he’ll never use--all new with tags, some still in gift bags.While I don’t think any of us enjoy returning gifts, the men I know seem particularly reluctant. That’s why gift cards for men are a popular choice. Recipients can get what they want without the hassle of first returning something they don’t want. So, unless you’re absolutely certain the present you intend to buy is what he wants and is in the right size, style, and color, buy a gift card instead.Below are the five best types of holiday gift cards for men: 1. Visa or MasterCard gift   Read More »
gift cards for men

Free Printable Gift Card Holder for New Baby (Diaper Fund!)

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend When it comes to having a new baby, there are two things I know for sure. The first is that you will need diapers--a lot of them. The second thing is that you don't really know what else you need until the baby arrives. Every baby is different. The  Read More »

Top Gift Cards for (Almost) Everyone

The Hottest Gift Cards of the Season + 10 Gift Cards to Please Just about Everyone! Since gift cards were first introduced nearly two decades ago, they’ve only grown in popularity. What started as a simple replacement for paper gift certificates has morphed into a multi-billion dollar gifting  Read More »
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