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Personalized Groomsmen Gifts for Under $80

What's the point of groomsmen gifts? Well, they're a gesture of thanks for standing up for you on your big day--renting the tuxedos, maybe flying into town, wearing embarrassing pastel-colored vests that your bride-to-be chose and so on. Groomsmen, however, are more than just a party waiting to happen. These are the guys who've been a part of your life for some reason or a long season. Think of each person as you choose the personalized groomsmen gifts you'll give. One is timeless--you’ve known him since kindergarten. One is loyal—he walked into freshman orientation with you, even though you had a bro tank on. One is forgiving—he plays on your basketball team even though you’re a ball hog. With these ideas in mind, below are five gifts you can give the groomsmen at your wedding--in order of most expensive to least. (Check out our personalized bridesmaids gifts for under $30 if you need ideas for the ladies too.)Hand-stamped Money Clip for $75 This hand-stamped money   Read More »
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Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts for Under $30

When the dearly beloved gather for a marriage ceremony, chances are, a group of friends will standing by, ready to raise a glass, catch the bouquet and dance the night away. An elect group of close friends and family members may also be wedding attendants. Tradition holds that the bride is to give  Read More »

Unwanted Gift Card? Take the Money and Run!

It’s your birthday--another year older and another gift card richer! If you’re anything like me, you get excited when your mailbox starts piling up with birthday cards. Yes! A gift card for Adidas from grandma will get you a new pair of kicks. Alright, an Olive Garden gift card from your  Read More »
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