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5 Tricks to Help you Remember Your Gift Cards
Ever arrived at the cash register only to realize that you forgot to bring your gift card? Don't make that mistake again. Gift Card Girlfriend shares tips on how to remember your gift cards.Gift Card Wallet by HahnStitched via EtsyOver the holidays, my husband and I received several Regal Cinemas gift cards. Halfway to the theater this past weekend, however, I realized that I’d left the movie gift cards at home. (Ugh!) Too far down the road to turn back and fetch the gift cards, we
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5 Ways to Save Money with Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t just for giving. Here are five ways to use gift cards to save on the things you already buy.

What are Open Loop Versus Closed Loop Gift Cards?

Want to know the difference between open loop gift cards and closed? Gift Card Girlfriend has the answer.

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