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How Digital Gift Cards in Top Stores Stack Up

Looking for a last-minute gift? Although you could run to the store to buy a gift card, sending an egift card is even faster. Whether the recipient lives across town or across the country, digital gifting is the best way to send best wishes quickly. As Gift Card Girlfriend, however, I advise you to take a moment to present an egift card in a thoughtful way. For me, that includes adding a custom message, uploading a personal photo or adding a video, if possible. While those options may not be available with all gift cards, I give props to companies that offer a range of personalization features. Below is a list of top stores and how they rank on the digital gift card features I believe are most important. eGift Card Ranking Criteria How Top Store eGift Cards Stack UpeGift Card Ranking Criteria Top merchants in each category were evaluated based on the criteria below, which includes features that make it easy for consumers to send thoughtful egift   Read More »
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What Name Should I Put on a Visa Gift Card?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. When ordering, buying or registering a Visa┬« gift card, enter the recipient's first and last name. Although tempting to enter a nickname for fun (e.g. Uncle Stu), some online payment processors will perform routine fraud  Read More »

When is a Gift Card Better than a Gift?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. There are few times when I believe a traditional present trumps a gift card, but it does happen. I only break pattern, however, when I am absolutely sure that a gift is the right size, right style, right price and will not  Read More »
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