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10 Kickin’ Gift Ideas for Soccer Fans

Soccer (or “football,” if you live outside of the U.S.), compared to other sports, is a game that almost anyone can play in almost any circumstance. All you need is a ball and people who want to play. No expensive equipment, special courts, lift tickets or travel required. The game can be played equally successfully in the slums of Rio or in New York’s Central Park, regardless of income or education. I guess that's why people worldwide love the game so much. In honor of the World Cup, which is currently underway, below are ten gifts you can give to the soccer lovers in your life.Goal Coasters Before you send out an invitation for the big game, get the house ready with these soccer-themed natural stone coasters. Each travertine tile features a hand-carved design that can hold beverages tight when the crowd gets rowdy. Buy it at DandWstonecrafts on Etsy.iPad Foosball (It really works!) Believe it or not, this game transforms your iPad into a portable foosball table   Read More »
patent wall art for soccer lover

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Pug Lovers

What is it about this short, wrinkly breed of pup that has people falling in love with pugs all over the place? Is it just their smooshy, good looks? Is it their family-friendly temperament? Is it the perpetual "woe is me" look on their little, furry faces? Whatever it is, pugs hold a permanent  Read More »

5 Gifts for Under $5 to go with Restaurant Gift Cards

Restaurant gift cards are some of the most popular gift cards to give. I guess it’s because everyone has to eat and many people have a favorite place or two that they like to dine. As a busy mom, I appreciate any gift card that feeds the family so I don’t have to. Before you get that foodie  Read More »
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