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Thanks to Gift Cards, My Wallet is Full of Memories
One score and many birthdays ago, the gift card craze began to spread across the United States. Gently wrapped boxes filled with itchy sweaters and ugly scarves were replaced with sealed envelopes, complete with plastic happiness redeemable at Macy’s, Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble. A bright future illumed for the prepaid world. Being the shopper that I am (Read my Coupon Queen story here.), gift cards don’t stand a day’s chance in my wallet. As soon as I have time to get to the mall, see
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Can I Get Cash Off My Visa Gift Card?

Wondering if you can get cash off your Visa gift card? The answer is probably not, but read this to find out why.

Top Gift Cards for Men

Men don’t like to return gifts. 5 Best types of gift cards for men plus a list of 10 National Chain gift cards to please the man on your holiday list.

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