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The Top 10 Easter Gift Cards for Kids

The best gift cards to buy for kids on Easter--plus what makes each gift card so perfect!10 Best Easter Gift Cards for Kids When I think of Easter gifts for kids, I envision simple things like chocolate Easter bunnies, baskets full of jelly beans and small toys or trinkets. So when it comes to picking out the top Easter gift cards for kids, I tend to think along those same lines. However, I also buy my children new church clothes for Easter Sunday. When I hit the stores to do that, I am reminded that the holiday coincides with spring weather and often times spring break. So in this list of the best gift cards to buy your kids for Easter, I've included a little of everything--simple gift cards the kids can use plus more extravagant gift cards to make the springtime more special. If you're wondering what criteria makes a great gift card for kids, then read my holiday list here. 1. iTunes, Google Play, Kindle Fire If your child has a smartphone or other mobile device, then get a   Read More »
easter gift cards for kids

5 Free Easter Gift Card Holders to Print at Home

Free printable Easter gift card holders or money holders, plus ideas for making the presentation more personal.When the Easter Bunny fills my kids' Easter baskets each year, the bounty is pretty simple. Each basket starts with a base of green fabric or shredded green paper. Then there has to be  Read More »

Gift Card Girlfriend’s Guide to Easter

Gift card tips, freebies and special deliveries from the Easter Bunny on April 5.What's Inside"Top 10" Easter Gift Cards Free Easter Gift Card Holders How to Save on Easter Clothes for Kids Custom Easter Gift Ideas Easter Gift Card Tips About Gift Card  Read More »
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