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How Visa Gift Cards Differ from Store Gift Cards [Infographic]

They're both called gift cards, but closed loop and open loop gift cards aren't the same. Find out what's different. In a recent blog post, I explained "why Visa┬« gift cards cost more than store or restaurant gift cards." The short answer to that question is that the load value on a closed loop gift card is guaranteed revenue because the gift card can only be used at the merchant's business. However, open loop gift cards can be used anywhere, so the revenue stream is different. In the infographic below, you'll find all the ways in which Visa gift cards differ from store gift cards.Share this Image On Your SiteBrought to you by GiftCards.comConsumer Takeaway When consumers discuss gift cards, they typically lump all of the little plastic rectangles (store gift cards, restaurant gift cards, Visa gift cards, prepaid cards, reward cards, promotional gift cards, merchandise credit gift cards and more) into one, all-encompassing category. While these cards   Read More »
comparison of visa gift cards to store brand gift cards

Free Gift Card Holder: Hope Your Birthday Rocks

Get your backstage pass ready for this free birthday gift card printable, designed to hold iTunes, Google Play, Visa or any music-themed gift card."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend iTunes gift cards are popular among many age groups and across genders--the same iTunes gift card,  Read More »

5 Free Valentine Gift Card Holders to Print at Home

Free printable Valentine gift card holders or money holders, plus ideas for making the presentation more personal.Yesterday, the mailman delivered three red envelopes to our mailbox. With Valentine's Day coming up, my kids knew exactly who sent the cards and what each one contained--a  Read More »
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