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Free Gift Card Printable: Happy Holidays

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend If you want a simple gift card holder to deliver to friends and family this holiday season, then this "Happy Holidays" card is the perfect choice. With a tree-themed design, the card looks right at home wrapped around a bundle of firewood or tied to a designer set of matchsticks. See below for the simple steps needed to turn this holiday gift card holder into the perfect Christmas present.Order Gift Card and Download Printable Before you bundle up the sticks, you'll need to order the Happy Holidays gift card and download one of the gift card holders. Both the flat and folded holders look nice with the matching green gift card, of course, but you can always use a store brand gift card or slip a different kind of "green" into the holder. (Cash, that is!)Order the Happy Holidays Gift Card Download the matching Flat Happy Holidays Card Holder Download the matching Folded Happy Holidays Gift Card HolderPrint the   Read More »

Make a Difference with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life: “A Gift Card for a Cause”

I’ll never forget that phone call--the one that yanked me from a carefree Memorial Day barbeque and threw me into a quiet corner of our kitchen. What bothers me the most about the memory of this call is what I said in response to my step-daughter telling me she had just learned her little girl  Read More »

Free Gift Card Printable: Santa’s Milk and Cookies

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend This Santa Claus gift card holder is ready for special delivery. Fill it with a matching Visa® gift card, add a store or restaurant gift card, or slip a little cash in the pocket instead. Then, deliver it with milk and cookies, of course! See below for  Read More »
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