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Free Gift Card Printable: Teacher Valentine

Move to the head of the class when you give Teacher this gift card for Valentine's Day. (Get an A+ for Teacher Appreciation Week too!)"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend Valentine's Day is a popular gift-giving occasion in classrooms all across the country. In addition to kids exchanging simple candies and handmade notes, parents often band together to give teachers gifts of gratitude. This teacher Valentine is especially versatile because it can be given for teacher appreciation week, the teacher's birthday and other times you simply want to say thank you to the educators who give so much to your children. Below is a simple way to make this teacher Valentine more personal.Order Gift Card and Download Printable The first thing to do is order the gift card that has a big heart surrounded by watercolor painting. This gift card matches the printable gift card holders with the same design. Although you can use these holders for any store or restaurant gift card,   Read More »
valentine gift for teacher

Free Gift Card Printable: Valentine Conversation Hearts

Taking conversation hearts to the next level, this gift card will be the Valentine talk of the town."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend My 10-year-old son does not like Valentine's Day. The whole business of LOVE is too much for him and he thinks it incredible that anybody his age  Read More »

Six Gifts That Help Fight Cancer

It's National Cancer Prevention month. Six gifts that bring awareness and make a donation to the American Cancer Society.Gifts that Give Back Valentine’s Day isn’t the only big day in February. This month is also National Cancer Prevention month and February 4, 2015, is World Cancer Day.  Read More »
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