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Free Printable Gift Card Holder for New Baby (Diaper Fund!)

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend When it comes to having a new baby, there are two things I know for sure. The first is that you will need diapers--a lot of them. The second thing is that you don't really know what else you need until the baby arrives. Every baby is different. The products that work for one, may or may not work for another. So, stocking up on the must-have items that experienced parents peddle like infomercial salespeople ("This swaddler s-a-v-e-d me." "This pacifier is the ONLY one my baby will take." "You HAVE to use this diaper rash cream.") may not be the best. Instead, give Mom a gift card she can use to buy diapers and the things she discovers HER baby needs. In the steps below, I’ll show you how I turned this “Diaper Fund" gift card into a gift that any new mom will love, need and be able to use.Step 1: Order Gift Card and Download Printable Because you can buy diapers at the grocery store, drug store, baby store and frankly, even the   Read More »
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