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How Do I Use Digital Gift Cards in Stores?

Although egift cards are often redeemable in stores, avoid these mistakes for the best outcome and smoothest transaction possible.Related Articles:A Review of the Best eGift Card Features from Top Retailers 5 Things Consumers Need to Know about eGift Cards Top Digital Gift Cards to Send for the HolidaysI've used mobile gift cards in stores multiple times without incident, but earlier this week, I broke my own rules for using egift cards and found myself unprepared. With a line full of shoppers behind me, I didn't think to get my egift cards ready until the cashier asked me for payment. Quickly remembering that I had digital gift cards to use, I dug through my purse to find my smartphone, but the searching didn't end there. Several of the egift cards I owned were in my email inbox because I received them via gift card promotions such as "Buy $100 in merchandise and receive a free $20 egift card." I also had some discount gift codes stored in a gift card app   Read More »
how to use egift cards in stores

5 Things Consumers Need to Know about eGift Cards

The most-talked about gift card of the holiday season isn't even a card. Below are five tips to help you successfully deliver electronic gift cards and safeguard against common pitfalls.Related Articles:Gift Card Girlfriend’s Complete Guide to eGift Cards Ranking eGift Card  Read More »

How do I Schedule Delivery of an eGift Card?

Put your holidays on autopilot by ordering egift cards in advance from over 40 merchants that let you schedule delivery.Image Credit: Two Little Birds Press via EtsyBenefits of Scheduling Electronic gift cards make fantastic last-minute gifts because they can be delivered almost  Read More »
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