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Free Gift Card Printable: Valentine Conversation Hearts

Taking conversation hearts to the next level, this gift card will be the Valentine talk of the town."Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend My 10-year-old son does not like Valentine's Day. The whole business of LOVE is too much for him and he thinks it incredible that anybody his age would deliver something that says, "you're cute" to another classmate. Each year, he makes me buy multiple classroom packs of Valentine cards so he can discard the mushy ones and only deliver the cards that say, "Happy Valentine's Day." Conversation hearts, with so many sentimental sayings, are a definite thumbs down for him. But as my fellow "pinners" will attest, this old-fashioned favorite is a definite "yes," when it comes to Valentine's Day crafting. With the help of our talented gift card designers, below you'll find conversation heart Visa® gift cards that Valentines of all ages will enjoy.Order Gift Card and Download Printable To get started, order the "Conversation Hearts" gift   Read More »
conversation hearts with gift card

Six Gifts That Help Fight Cancer

It's National Cancer Prevention month. Six gifts that bring awareness and make a donation to the American Cancer Society.Gifts that Give Back Valentine’s Day isn’t the only big day in February. This month is also National Cancer Prevention month and February 4, 2015, is World Cancer Day.  Read More »

Make It Personal: Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

When Valentine’s Day comes to mind, we’re guessing you’ll soon be purchasing heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses, perfume, gift cards and greeting cards.  Do you search through your favorite store’s greeting card isle for what seems like hours trying to find the  Read More »
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