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Free Gift Card Printable: Merry Christmas

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend An easy way to present a gift card is to put it inside a frame. Simply buy a small photo frame or framed piece of art, put the card on top of the glass and wrap it all up with a bow. That's the typical way to frame a gift card. For this whimsical "Merry Christmas" gift card, however, I wanted to try something similarly fanciful. See below for how I added gift cards and ornaments to a collection of open frames.Order Gift Card and Download Printable First things first. We need a gift card. Since the whimsical Merry Christmas card inspired the printables, I'm going to stick with the card that matches. I do believe, however, that any gift card would be a welcome addition to these picture frames. So please do what works best for you and your budget. (Remember, these gift card holders are good for holding cash or a check as well.) Order the Merry Christmas Gift Card Download the matching Flat Merry Christmas Gift Card   Read More »
8 mc card beauty-shot

eGift Cards: Who Will Deliver in 2014? [Infographic]

Results from a study of the egift card programs from over 134 top stores and restaurants. Early this year, I published Gift Card Girlfriend's Complete Guide to eGift Cards and, as a part of that process, reviewed egift cards from top merchants across the country. In studying over 134 of the  Read More »

Free Gift Card Printable: Santa’s Nice List Certificate

"Gifting Made Easy" by Gift Card Girlfriend With this Christmas printable and matching Christmas gift card, you can put friends and relatives (of all ages!) on the top of Santa's Nice list! The official certificate is easy to print, has a place to write in the year and the recipient's name and is  Read More »
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