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How Can I Use Gift Cards to Save on Black Friday?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. There are two ways to use gift cards to save on Black Friday. The first is to buy discount gift cards ahead of time so you can use them to save additional money when you get to the cash register (at 4AM!). The second way is to take advantage of gift card promotions that are prevalent leading up to the holidays. Thanks to various incentives, you'll be able to buy the gift cards on your list for less. Read on for more Black Friday shopping strategies.Image Credit: François Péladeau via flickr ccThe best deals on gift cards are often available several weeks before the holidays. Why? Because stores know that the closer you get to Christmas, Hanukkah and other celebrations, the more likely you are to give up looking for a traditional present and buy a gift card instead. Think about it. How many times have you walked the mall, gone through every store looking for the perfect gift and ended up buying a   Read More »
how to save on black friday

Top Experiential Gift Cards Make Unique Gifts

When your sister gives you a spa gift card, she’s not just giving you a present--she’s giving you an afternoon of relaxation, a deep-tissue massage from her favorite masseuse or a pampering facial. When you get a gift card to the movies, you're getting more than just admission. You're being  Read More »

Gift Card Girlfriend’s Guide to the 2014 Holidays

What's Inside What’s Hot in Gift Cards for 2014? “Top 10″ Holiday Gift Cards Free Holiday Gift Card Holders Gift Card TipsWhat’s Hot in Gift Cards for 2014? Two types of gift cards will be popular this 2014 holiday season. The first is electronic gift cards, or egift cards,  Read More »
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