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Where Can I Buy Printable Gift Cards?

Two ways to make your own gift cards: Print-on-Demand vs. Print-at-Home. There are two types of what you might call "printable" gift cards. The first is a print-on-demand gift card that is a unique, custom-made plastic gift card printed professionally and shipped to the buyer or mailed directly to the recipient. The second type of printable gift card is an electronic gift card (egift card) that can be printed at home onto paper either by the giver or the receiver. Read below for more information on where to buy printable gift cards.When gift cards first came out, you could only buy them from the issuing store or restaurant. Then we got the gift card kiosk which allowed us to buy gift cards for other stores while shopping at our preferred stores. Then online gift cards came into the picture, then personalized gift cards became an option and so forth. As the popularity of gift cards continues to grow, so does the rolling snowball of ways in which we can buy them. The question   Read More »
gift card you can print at home

How to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. Last year, I helped an acquaintance order approximately 30 Visa┬« gift cards for her extended family. Since this woman orders so many cards, she had been incorrectly advised the previous year to place a bulk gift card order  Read More »

Gift Card Girlfriend’s Complete Guide to Gift Cards for Small Businesses

Whether you own a cupcake shop, a dental practice or an online party supply store, I believe every small business should have a gift card program--one that includes plastic gift cards as well as egift cards. With a range of gift card programs available, there's almost no excuse for not having at  Read More »
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