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Question & Answer with Gift Card Girlfriend

What To Do with Gift Card to Store in Bankruptcy

Quickly use gift cards to stores in financial trouble. If store goes into bankruptcy, courts will decide if (and for how long) gift cards will be credit: Shuttered Radio Shack Store Washington DC 52160 via photopin (license)RadioShack Pulls Plug on Gift Cards Earlier this month, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy. Originally the store said gift cards would only be valid through March 6, but with pressure from the Attorney General, the deadline has been extended. According to  Read More >>

How Do I Use Mobile Discount Gift Card Apps at the Store?

Tips on using Raise, SaveYa and other mobile discount gift card apps at the cash register.Related Articles:How to use eGift Cards in Stores How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Buy discount gift cards hereWith Raise announcing big changes and the launch of the SaveYa app, I thought I'd share my experiences using mobile discount gift card apps at the store and offer tips on how you can successfully do the same.The Original Discount Gift Card  Read More »

Why Do Visa Gift Cards Cost More than Store Gift Cards?

Visa gift cards cost more than store gift cards because the profits from each are derived differently.Related Articles:Where are Visa Gift Cards Sold and Which is Best? Why isn't my Visa Gift Card Working? Buy a Visa gift card.A question I'm frequently asked is, "Why do Visa® gift cards have activation fees when store gift cards are free?" The simple answer is that stores predominately make money when customers redeem their closed loop gift cards for service or  Read More »

How Can Visa eGift Cards be Used for Partial Payment?

Gift card hack on how Visa egift cards can be used for payment when the balance of the gift card is less than the amount due.Related Articles:5 Things Consumers Need to Know about eGift Cards How to use eGift Cards in Stores How to Send Electronic Visa Gift Cards Shop eGift Cards from Visa and Other Top BrandsElectronic gift cards are easy to use online because you don't have to print out a paper copy of the gift card or enter the number into a mobile wallet  Read More »

Where Can eGift Cards be Used?

The best places to use electronic gift cards, how to use Visa egift cards in stores and tips on where egift cards might not work.Related Articles:5 Things Consumers Need to Know about eGift Cards How Can I Use Visa eGift Cards Online for Partial Payment? How to Send Electronic Visa Gift Cards Shop eGift Cards from Visa and Other Top BrandsElectronic gift cards are becoming increasingly popular because they can be sent at the last minute, shipping is free and they  Read More »

How Do You Sell Gift Cards for Cash?

Quick tutorial on how to sell gift cards for cash and tips to help you decide where to sell your gift cards.Related Articles:5 Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash 5 Ways to Use Gift Cards You Don't Want Sell us your Gift card for Cash hereGot a Gift Card You Won't Want? So you've got a gift card, but you'd rather have cash? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At, we buy gift cards for anywhere from 65 to 92 percent of the card's value, depending  Read More »

How Do I Use Digital Gift Cards in Stores?

Although egift cards are often redeemable in stores, avoid these mistakes for the best outcome and smoothest transaction possible.Related Articles:A Review of the Best eGift Card Features from Top Retailers 5 Things Consumers Need to Know about eGift Cards Top Digital Gift Cards to Send for the HolidaysI've used mobile gift cards in stores multiple times without incident, but earlier this week, I broke my own rules for using egift cards and found myself unprepared.  Read More »

How do I Schedule Delivery of an eGift Card?

Put your holidays on autopilot by ordering egift cards in advance from over 40 merchants that let you schedule delivery.Image Credit: Two Little Birds Press via EtsyBenefits of Scheduling Electronic gift cards make fantastic last-minute gifts because they can be delivered almost instantaneously. Sometimes, however, you want to order the gift in advance but hold delivery until a more appropriate moment--like Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, a birthday, an anniversary or some other  Read More »

Flexible Gift Cards You Can Use (just about) Anywhere

Gift Card Girlfriend Answers the Questions You've Been Asking. One of the reasons gift cards are the most-requested gift on holiday wish lists is because the recipient can use the card to pick out his or her own gift. There is, however, a huge gift card reseller market made up entirely of unwanted gift cards, suggesting that not everybody is happy with the choice of gifts available. (Some people simply need cash more than they need another product, so that factors in as well.) If you look at  Read More »

What Gift Card Scams Can I Avoid this Holiday Season?

Gift Card Girlfriend answers the gift card questions you've been asking. Though gift card fraud is something to be concerned about year-round, we certainly see a spike in "taking" activities during the season that is supposed to be about giving. There are some things you can do and some clues to watch for that may prevent you from falling victim to these types of crimes. Below are five gift card scams to avoid.Five Gift Card Scams and How to Avoid Them With gift cards named the  Read More »