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Question & Answer with Gift Card Girlfriend

radioshack gift card story

What To Do with Gift Card to Store in Bankruptcy

8 Ways to use gift cards to stores in bankruptcy protection and how to get your money back if you miss the claim deadline.  Read More >>
mobile discount gift card app

How Do I Use Mobile Discount Gift Card Apps at the Store?

Tips on how to use mobile discount gift card apps like Raise and SaveYa to save money at the cash register.  Read More »
store gift card fees

Why Do Visa Gift Cards Cost More than Store Gift Cards?

Stores predominately make money when customers redeem their closed loop gift cards for service or merchandise. General use gift card providers, on the other hand, make money by providing the gift card itself. Here's a detailed explanation of how stores and other businesses make money from their gift  Read More »
how to use visa egift cards for partial payment

How Can Visa eGift Cards be Used for Partial Payment?

Gift card hack on how Visa egift cards can be used for payment when the balance of the gift card is less than the amount due.  Read More »
Video on where egift cards can be used

Where Can eGift Cards be Used?

Best places to use egift cards plus how to use electronic Visa gift cards in stores, tips on where egift cards might not work.  Read More »

How Do You Sell Gift Cards for Cash?

Quick tutorial on how to sell gift cards for cash and 3 tips on how to decide which gift card reseller to use.  Read More »
how to use egift cards in stores

How Do I Use Digital Gift Cards in Stores?

Tips on how to use egift cards in stores with mobile wallets, gift card apps, or other electronic payment methods.  Read More »
december calendar

How do I Schedule Delivery of an eGift Card?

Put last-minute gifts on autopilot when you schedule egift card delivery from one of these 49 stores and restaurants.  Read More »

Flexible Gift Cards You Can Use (just about) Anywhere

A list of gift cards recipients will be able to use (almost) anywhere--stores, restaurants, and even downtown businesses.  Read More »
example of gift card PIN

What Gift Card Scams Can I Avoid this Holiday Season?

As the popularity of gift cards rise, so does the fraud. Here are five gift card scams you can avoid.  Read More »