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Gift Card Girlfriend Tips


10 Gift Card Hacks You Have to Try!

Clever tricks to save you time, money and hassle when it comes to buying, using and recycling gift cards.   Read More »

Chapter 11 Gift Card Watchlist

When a retailer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, outstanding gift cards become vulnerable. List of gift cards to watch in 2016.   Read More »
sweet 16 driving test

How to Send a Video eGift Card to a Teenager

Easy ways to surprise your teenager with a video egift card on his or her birthday.   Read More »

5 Ways to Save Money with Gift Cards

Gift cards aren't just for giving. Here are five ways to use gift cards to save on the things you already buy.   Read More »
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Another Secret to Saving with Discount Gift Cards

Here's a trick for getting the discount gift cards you want, even when they don't appear to be in stock.   Read More »