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View Cart Recaps Q3 with Company-Wide Quarterly Meeting

The 2013 Q3 Quarterly Meeting was held on Friday, November 15th, 2013. Employees gathered on the 3rd floor, and in a new effort to maximize the audience’s experience , we utilized Google Hangouts and a number of monitors that were strategically placed so that everyone could see and hear the presentation.

An audience favorite was seeing CTO Martin Fisher as a Jedi to start off the slideshow. It sure got a lot of laughs – and was even mentioned in many Small Groups as a “high” for the week! Hot topics also included recent partnerships,  as well as some discussion about other recent accomplishments, from a social media explosion, to GiftBrands, and more.

Overall, the information presented was positive and informative. These quarterly meetings are a great way to get the company involved, and a nice vehicle to keep every employee informed of how far we’ve come, what we can expect for the next quarter, and what’s going on for as a whole.

One key element the remains the same, no matter the quarter or the year, we always strive to make ‘em smile : )