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Great Day…continued the rest of the story.

Part of the 14,000 cards we did yesterday were 1,000 for MasterCard Corporate to be used today for Hurricaine Sandy Relief. Noble of MasterCard to give away $100k. We got the request Monday and the team did whatever possible to get this order ready for delivery yesterday to be at the Food Bank this morning. Fulfillment, Sales, Executives, Accounting, everyone worked to get this done.

So, last night about 7pm I get an email from Steve that we are unable to deliver the rush MasterCard package via FedEx because the package got stopped at TSA at the airport…

The next email I get from Steve is that Dan Kennedy has volunteered to DRIVE to NY to hand deliver the package to the FoodBank.

My cautious side jumps up, and I want to verify the legitimacy as this is a lot of cash. And also, the concern for Dan driving that far with no sleep. We called a few other MasterCard executives, and they actually answered their phones and made me feel comfortable with this order. Next I spoke to Dan – he said: “Jason…its just the right thing to do… I’m going”.

Simply amazing.

I spoke to Steve and Jason M, and we all agreed on a process for the order and agreed to let Dan drive.

Dan Kennedy Dan Kennedy

Dan drove all night, and arrived at 8am in time for delivery…

This exemplifies the Integrity and Drive that we have in this company. We are all very fortunate to have what we have here and I think all of you for it.

That being said – I will shut the office down today at 3pm, so you all can go have an early jump on a Happy Thanksgiving!