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Harlequin Books Gift Cards

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User Reviews

› Review from CityGrid  Star

In your book library do you have the titles, 1984 and Animal Farm? if the answer is no, then you must immediately go to a book store like Harlequin Books to pick up the book 1984 by George Orwell. It is an amazing book that I am sure you…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

Although this store is kind of off the beaten path, it is definitely worth the trip if you're looked for the harlequin paperbacks of yesteryear. While I'm relatively young to be enjoying such trashy literature, this place caters to all…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

This is a good bookstore in lower Manhattan, Though I prefer places like The Strand to get used books, Harlequin offers a good selection and if I can't get it at the Strand, I am sure I can find it at Harlequin. The prices aren't as good,…

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