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Houston Street Bistro Gift Cards

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User Reviews

› Review from CityGrid  Star

Houston Street Bistro's location between two restored theaters, the atmospheric Majestic and the jewel-box Empire, is reflected in the menu's nomenclature. On the classic side, consider the Vivaldi tomato bisque. Salads bear names such as…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

The trout was wafer thin and dry; the lump crab topping looked like flaked fish with no flavor. The basmati rice tasted okay but again dry. Fish & rice for $19.00, definitely not worth it. The cheesecake was so dry, it was crumbly. Forget…

› Review from CityGrid  Star

I went to Houston Street Bistro last Wednesday night 4/13/11 before a Fiesta event and when we sat down the waitress immediately got rude with us... Long story short, I only tipped her $7 on the receipt b/c of her rude service but she…

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