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Back To School with the Most Popular Discounted Merchant Gift Cards!

By Pattie Dillon | Published July 29, 2012 | Google+

The hunt is on! Parents scouring through flyers, stores clearance racks and online web sites to find the biggest sales, the best deals and getting the most for their money set aside to spend on back to school purchases.

The number one stress factor in late summer and early fall for many parents is getting their kids ready for school. The never ending costs of clothing, electronics, school supplies and for those who have grown children heading off to college, the expenses are budget bursting.

Wondering how to stretch your back to school money? An option that many shoppers overlook, is the availability of discounted Merchant gift cards or gift codes? There are literally hundreds of famous name brand Merchant gift cards ready to buy on sites like with savings from 5% to 20% or more off the face value of the gift card.

Listed below are the top moving discounted Merchant gift cards which sell really quickly. When you see them buy them immediately!

·    Best Buy
·    Target
·    Walmart
·    Macys
·    Victoria Secret
·    American Eagle
·    Staples
·    Office Depot
·    Office Max

Add to your savings by combining discounted gift cards with coupons to double your deal! Find thousands of online coupons on

Happy shopping and happy savings!

If you are looking for cash, and have gift cards that you would like to sell visit our cash for gift cards page.

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