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Gift Cards are More Than Just a Convenience

By Industry Insider | Published October 26, 2012 | Google+

Over the past 3 weeks I have visited over 20 local businesses to hear about their approaches to get more customers. Specifically I have been researching how these businesses use Gift Cards to get new customers to their stores to experience their products and services.

One of the results of this research is that many business owners see Gift Cards as a “nice thing to have” for their current customers. Many of the businesses I spoke with didn’t do much to promote their Gift Cards that were for sale in their store and more often than not saw Gift Cards as a convenient way to help those that already visit their store.

As I explained how others see Gift Cards as their BEST customer acquisition tool, at least from a Return on Investment (ROI) point of view, the attitudes began to change.

For those who see Gift Cards as a way to get new business they are not only promoting the purchase of Gift Cards for their store but they ensure their Gift Cards are for sale in 3 places:

  • In their store
  • On their Website and/or Social Media sites (e.g., Facebook)
  • Any Gift Card Rack they can get on

Many of the businesses researched had only 1 of the 3 solutions, again an indication that Gift Cards were not being actively used to get new customers.

This is a missed opportunity for businesses who need more customers and more revenue. has rolled out the Local Direct program to help local businesses complete this important triumvirate of Gift Card solutions.

The Local Direct program provides an easy and affordable way for businesses to

  1. Provide Gift Cards for sale on their website and/or Social Media sites, AND
  2. Sell their Gift Card on the Online Gift Card Rack at

Gift Cards…convenience to current customers is good.

Gift Cards…a tool to get new customers is GREAT!

~~ Steve Dimmitt, former CRO for

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