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Group Gift

By Ryan Dew | Published July 2, 2012 | Google+

Group Gifts, what they are and how they can be used

Nearly everyone has taken part in contributing to a special gift for a friend or family member. People choose to do this for a variety of reasons like pooling money to purchase an expensive gift or for ease of shopping. These shared gifts, also known as a Group Gift, often feel impersonal because only the purchaser has the ability to add any personal touch to them. Furthermore, as people begin to live and work all over the world it has become difficult to donate to a common gift. has a fantastic solution that solves for all of these complexities. Our Group Gift allows people from anywhere to have the ability to unite and give a common gift. members can choose to send a Visa or MasterCard gift card to any recipient. This means the Group Gift can be used virtually anywhere! Gone are the days of mailing your share of the Group Gift through the mail to the gift purchaser or sending fees via a service like PayPal. allows for any invited gift giver to donate to a group gift by using a private labeled website. Group Gift organizers can build a custom website that is tailored to suit the spirit of the gift, set a dollar threshold and invite anyone to donate to the gift using email, facebook or twitter. All invited Group Gift givers will be able to access the website and can securely donate the amount they desire to the gift. In addition, any giver can customize the greeting card message and can add a personal photo to ensure that the recipient receives that personal touch.

Probably the best feature of the Group Gift product is the ability for people to unite behind charitable causes. Group Gifts are the perfect way for member to donate to charities as large as Meals on Wheels or as less known as the family down the street who’s recently fallen on hard times. Group Gifts truly are the perfect way to send a special gift.

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