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Holiday 2012 Dubbed the Year of the Gift Card

By Pattie Dillon | Published January 10, 2013 | Google+

December 2012 dubbed the year of the Gift Card. The fiscal cliff hanger added to the uncertainty of the economy, so gift cards were deemed to be a practical gifting solution without worry of giving the wrong sizes, colors or the “wrong thing”.

Gift Card purchases are no longer for the last minute shopper, but were listed as a popular choice with a whapping 32.6% of all purchases over the Black Friday weekend (according the National Retail Federation and Reports indicate gift cards are a favorite gift ranking at 59.8% with apparel in close second place at 49.1%.

There are a number of reasons that gift cards continue to increase in gift giving popularity some of them are universal while some unique and exclusive benefits may be found at

Gift Card giving benefits for everyone:

  1. Customers look at the benefits offered by some retailers providing incentives for purchasing gift cards.
  2. They are practical for gift giver and the recipient
  3. The increasing availability of local merchants offering gift cards. They can be found on within the “Local” link.
  4. Gift cards may also be safely and easily redeemed for up to 92% of the value at gift card exchange sites such as Discounted gift cards for card sellers.
  5. If you have any gift cards or electronic gift codes that you believe you’ll never use, please visit us to learn how we can take your unwanted gift cards into money you can spend anywhere. Want added savings? Combine your discounted gift cards and gift codes with online coupon offers and increase your savings at your favorite merchants.

    We look forward to seeing you soon at

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