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Internet Customer Acquisition: The great equalizer for Small Businesses

By Industry Insider | Published July 27, 2012 | Google+

Every single day a business owner is thinking or saying “I need more customers”.  This is true of Fortune 100 companies as well as the small independently owned neighborhood restaurant.  Customers are what fuel their business…whether they want to grow or simply maintain their current position.  The customer is King…and Queen.

Large businesses have figured out that a great customer acquisition tool is to get someone (gift giver) to pay someone else (gift recipient) to go to a business and spend money.  That is the nature of the gift card market.  A gift certificate or card is a tool for a business to get someone (e.g., a current customer, a thoughtful friend or relative) to pay someone (e.g., a family member, a spouse, an employee) to go to a business.

This is why large businesses have robust gift card programs and are pervasively found in Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores and Pharmacies in the gift card “racks”.  They know that people go to these places on a regular basis and then buy gift cards as an afterthought when they are there.

Problem:  Small Businesses simply can’t afford the cost to have a gift card program…and especially afford to be found in these high traffic locations…and with the cost of gas people aren’t going to drive across town to pick up a gift card for a local business.

Solution:  The Internet.

Online purchasing of gift cards is growing and is a great way for a Small Business to be able to participate in this cost effective customer acquisition tool.  Being a part of Local Gift Cards program enables a Small Business to:

a)      Have a customized gift card program

b)      Be found on, the #1 online gift cards site

c)       Promote their card program through their website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

d)      Promote their card in their store if they don’t already have one

Effective use of the internet can help a Small Business enjoy the same benefits that a Large Business does:  Providing a mechanism for someone else to pay someone else to come to their business!!!

~~ Steve Dimmitt, former CRO for

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